Welcome to Ohura. A remote town in the wilds of New Zealand's central North Island. We live among the hills and valleys—isolated from the worlds frustration, but apace with its urgency through digital connection. Come visit with us—see how the world is meant to be. Where your neighbors are your friends, where your children can roam and forage with safety and freedom, and community is a positive part of life.


Go straight to the heart of New Zealand's "Forgotten World"

Ohura’s main street is a large boulevard designed as the busy heart of what was planned to be a large commercial centre. All is quiet now save for the "Cossie Club" and the Food Cart. The other shops in the street have changed from their original purposes with some now used for other business ventures.  Also lining the impressive boulevard are the Emergency Services base and the Memorial hall.
A major rural contracting business and the beautifully kept Ohura Valley School, are located further up the road. Across from them are the public tennis courts, netball courts and swimming pool.
Past the trees lies the rugby ground, still sporting its proud goal posts. The grazing sheep are tending the grass in readiness for a new generation of local sporting heroes.

Ohura owes much of its charm to the fact it is in one of the last great wilderness areas of the North Island. Surrounded as it is by rivers, hills and forests, tramping and hunting are familiar adventures.

There is no tourist office, or hotel concierge to help you on your journey here. There is only wilderness and distance. A place where mankind still feels small and vulnerable. We don't believe, with modern urban arrogance, that we dominate our domain. We love the sun, welcome the rain and respect the cold.

But do come and experience it. Take a day or two from your structured life and taste just for a moment the real world. Meet real people and donate to your soul some real time. For Ohura truly is the capital of the Forgotten World.

Ohura Businesses


Body & Wellness

Local Artists

The Forgotten World Retreat serves as a central hub for local business owners to access customers from outside of our local community. By providing services such as catering, massage therapies, relaxation therapies, photography, entertainment (including live music, arts and craft sessions), pamper sessions and retail therapy (purchases of local art/crafts/produce), we create the opportunity for all local businesses to flourish.


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