The Capital of the Forgotten World


Ohura Bed and Breakfast
Ph: 022 080 0848

Ohura Valley Primary School

A contributing school catering for Year 1-8 students. Our students come from both families in the Ohura township andthe surrounding farming community.



FOOD & Drink

Open 3 till late 7 days the Cosmopolitan Club on Ngarimu Street has hot snacks, basic groceries, off licence, and not to mention a lovely bar and facilities. The center of Ohura Valley happenings , do come and see us. You will though need to be signed in by a local to get bar service - so smile sweetly and someone may take pity on you. 

Ohura Cosmopolitan Club


The Medieval Day (above) and the Pig Hunt weekend are the events that bring in outsiders but every week clubs and other resident meetings are held in town, often at the Memorial Hall.

                                                                                                                     MICHELLE'S MEXICAN FOOD 

In all places one can discover gems or delights that few will find - unless they look. In Ohura its a shiny little food cart on Ngarimu Street. There in all weathers you find the finest Mexican food in New Zealand. Why here - because Michelle is here. Born in New Zealand but having grown up in Mexico she serves to locals and passing strangers the food she loves and the food that reminds her of her carefree childhood days. If you are visiting our town please stop - have a coffee, a chat and feast on genuine Mexican fare. 

Fiesta Fare

Ngarimu Street, Ohura

Ph: 022 080 0848



                                                           "I've found something here" by Danny Duchamp


"Last loneliest loveliest exquisite apart
On us, on us the unswerving season smiles,
Who wonder 'mid our fern why men depart
To seek the happy Isles!"

Rudyard  Kipling 1891

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